We are the industry leaders in providing effective and efficient transport  solutions to our distinguished clients. We have combined our elite transport Services and technology together to provide the best in class staff transportation.

The biggest challenge for corporates to provide safe transport services with seamless security to ensure hassle free travel to their employees.

BTT Corporate cab management framework is a ready made solution that provides enriched booking and dispatching experience. Also, it provides streamlined cab service for corporate employee through mobile apps. There are lots of advantages of using cab facility management software which simplifies fleet management in the corporate sector.



E-Trip Sheet


Security Control



Routing Automation

Central Dashboard

HSE Management

✓  Easy scheduling / Cancellation
✓  Trip & Vehicle Details along with Real time tracking
✓  SOS Button for any emergency
✓  Safe Reach verification
✓  Trip Feedback & Ratings after every trip ends
✓  Number masked calling
and many more..!

Adaptive Routing & Auto vendor allocation

Fair distribution of trips

Fair distribution of Marshal Trips

Fair distribution of Trip distance

Maximize Back to Back Trips

Zone wise trip distribution

Better routes

Simplified Office Commuting

Improve Employee Satisfaction

User friendly mobile app to employees; to schedule themselves and track the cabs arrival.

Reduced Travel Time result in desired level of productivity.

Efficient Routing.

Cost Effective

Cab allocation using the technology reduces excess vehicles.

paperless trip sheets, saving resource and storage space.

E-data removes anomalies and reduces leakages.

Risk Mitigation

Effectively monitoring women employees travelling and raise alarms in case of any deviation.

Automated Safe Reach Confirmation. Incident Management

Security Escort (Marshal) Management .